Switch and Counter

Below is a picture of the switch and counter that fits under the dash of your truck. When you are feeding, you simply set the flow gate to the desired number of pounds of feed that you want to dump per pile, and each time the feeder dumps, it will register on the counter.
EXAMPLE! If you have 75 head of cattle in a herd and you want to feed them 3 lbs. per head, you set the flow gate at 3 and start driving, Each time the feeder dumps the 3 lbs. pile of feed it will register on the counter.
You simply make 75 dumps and you have put out the exact amount of feed that you wanted, and you have put it out fast enough and far enough apart so that each cow get the amount of feed that she needed. The counter has a pushbutton reset, and the switch is a pull on, push off type.

Switch and counter

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