Deliver Bulk Feed To Your Deer and Game Feeders
Bulk Feed Saves You Time And $$$

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Deer and Game Feeder Fillier with Paddleveyor in the raised position Deer and Game Feeder Filler in the travel position

The Deer and Game feeder fillers come in a 3000lb and a dual axle 6000lb models. Above on the left you can see the Paddleveyor in the swung out position to fill feeders. The picture on the right shows the Paddleveyor in the transport position.

The pictures below show the two switches. One runs the Paddleveyor and one runs the Feeder. This enables you to stand at the back of the Feeder and operate Feeder flow and the Paddleveyor. As you can see in the picture, the Paddleveyor has a single chain with rubber paddles. This simply slides the feed up the Paddleveyor, so as not to break up the feed. At the top of the pictures below you can see the 12 volt electric winch used to move the Paddleveyor from the transport position to the swung out position.

Paddleveyor and Controls Paddleveyor and Controls

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